Love is the greatest gift of all (but these are nice, too)

All I’m saying is, Valentine’s gifts don’t have to be made of diamonds, chocolate, or lace.  Consider the possibilities of brass, buckwheat, and gigabytes.


1. Dangling Hearts Tee from Mariska Hargitay’s line.  Short-sleeved shirt available in white with red or gold foil hearts (or gold on black).  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Joyful Heart Foundation.  $45

2. American Apparel Long Leg Warmer in Raspberry/Scarlett.  $16

3. Obv.  Apple iPod Shuffle in hot pink (or red). Free personal engraving when you order online. $49-69

4. Classic Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox. One small blade with a nail file, a small screwdriver, and a pair of scissors, fold out of this pink multi-tool.  Tweezers and a toothpick slide out from the end.  $19

5. Nino the Bug hopping toy. According to Kikkerland, Nino is a pollinating insect. That’s a little like a love bug, right? $6

6. Heart Maccents by MacStyles.  Show your laptop some love. $1.95-2.95

7. Bucky’s HeartWarmer buckwheat-filled pillow.  Heat it up in the microwave or chill it in the freezer for snuggleable comfort and pain relief.  Red, lavender, or pink cover is removable and washable.  On sale $14.95 (from $19.95)

8. Brass handcuff lariat by NYC designer Erica Weiner.  One cuff dangles at each end of a 22″ chain.  Fasten them together around the neck of a loved one.  No keys required.  $35

9. L2 Design Collective Valentines. Smooches Gracias and Beating Heart designs, and others at Supermarket. $4.25 each

10. My Beating Heart pillow. Are you tired of sleeping beside that clunky alarm clock like a homesick puppy?  Powered by one 9V battery, My Beating Heart will soothe your beating heart with its carefully metered rhythm.  $35