Girls’ World

It’s a new world when the fall 2005 issue of The New York Times Style Magazine comes out and we can all turn a practiced eye on the high fashion models, saying, “she just looks uncomfortable” or “she really does ‘love Salvatore'” like the panel on America’s Next Top Model.

When the Isaac Mizrahi for Target two page spread comes before Banana Republic’s ad, which comes before the Hermes, and maternity-wear is featured on the center spread. When cleavage is called “that marvel of divine engineering” and female readers everywhere discreetly check themselves out at the newsstand, the cafe, the salon, the kitchen table. When no one gets worked up over the could-be sexist innuendos in an article entitled, “Wine, Women and Shoes” because they’re too busy wondering if a stiletto heel could really uncork that bottle of Cabernet in the clutch, as the illustration suggests. When a Portuguese pair of jeans laced with moisturizing vitamin-E seems to mean that someone has finally figured out what we need from a pair of pants (beyond the perfect rise and the hugging of all the right places and none of the wrong ones. And a good length, too. And…)

In The Girls’ World, everything is more expensive or more accessible, and we can drool over it or run out and charge it, and we enjoy both equally. The Girls’ World is exceedingly luxurious, clever and colorful. We appreciate lace balconettes as much as we adore the breasts they scoop up. And we’ll lose those satin heels and pour out the apple-tini if it means we get to kick back in our Levis with a bottle of wine.