i’m a chatterer. if i get cold, i chatter. if i get excited, i chatter. if i get intense, i chatter. if i pass out and go into shock on the floor of the camp jewell trading post, i chatter. tonight, i was at starbucks with lauren and jess, and i got so involved in our conversation, and there was a mild draft. i was a trembling wreck. every time i get out of the shower, i’m just one big shiver. and now, i’m sitting at my desk and i’ve been twitching with chills since i came in from the car.

my fingers are the coldest. this afternoon, i had to give up on knitting and sit on my hands b/c i kept dropping stitches. right now, they lie, exposed, on the keyboard. i keep missing keys, my knuckles are cracking and my pinkies are sort of numb. in fact, my fingernails look a bit blue. like they’ve been in a parisian meat freezer overnight? brrr. i think it’s time to get in bed.

quote of the day: “crooked little smile on her face, tells a tale of grace that’s all her own. spinning, laughing, dancing to her favorite song, a little girl with nothing wrong, and she’s all alone.” – norah jones