The pumpkin pie filling will go straight to your head

My cousin couldn’t make it back to Illinois for the holiday, so she came out to Connecticut.

Marie: Thank you so much for inviting me for Thanksgiving.  If it weren’t for you, I’d probably be eating Thanksgiving dinner out of a can.
Emily: Aww!  Like kidney beans that you have to cut into slices? (Like in Mickey and the Beanstalk, when Mickey Mouse slices up the one last kidney bean to share with Donald Duck and Goofy.)
Marie: More like pumpkin pie filling straight from the can.

I barely turned on my iPod this week.  I’ve figured out that reading is a much more effecive distraction from the many irritants, discomforts, and small tortures of airline travel, and so I’ve spent more time with earplugs in my ears than earbuds.  I read about four back issues of The New Yorker and Head Cases by Michael Paul Mason.  Now I can recycle all those magazines and I will happily pass along the book so that it gets re-read.  It’s great.