Maybe My Second-Ever Entry About Crafts

Lamp Close-Up
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I bought the lamp and shade at IKEA for about $11, and 30″ of beaded trim for around $3, and this is what I ended up with! The light really catches the faceted beads just like I wanted it to. There are a couple of spots where the ribbon didn’t stick smoothly along the edge. I’m going to have to fix that because the imperfections are distracting when I’m pretending to study.

Some of the beads won’t hang straight either, depending on how tautly I pulled the ribbon in an effort to straighten it out. The fifth strand from the left is just a lone wolf. All of its neighbors hang in orderly rows, but that one warps out and curves at the end. It insists on defying gravity.

New Bag
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I have about two inches of the tail of the trim left over, with five strands of beads on it. I’m thinking about cutting off the faceted ones and sewing them on to my new ‘evening bag’ in place of the lame white doughnut beads, which totally don’t go with the gothic class of the gold stitching and emerald [faux] silk. Unfortunately, I need nine replacements, not five.