birthday countdown

virtually, i’ve been counting down the days to february 10th since the end of january, but it really didn’t kick in that i’m turning twenty in less than 150 hours until this morning. i called my mom at work to ask a rapidfire laundry list of questions about errands to run and people to call today, and, after answering all of them in one breathe, she said, “what i really want to know is, when can we go birthday shopping?” she’s so cute. i told her that she can wrap up gear and clothing for my trip as it comes in the mail.

the truth is, i have been far too preoccupied with work outs, heavyweight sock research and comparison, job interviews, and vaccinations (ouch!) to get excited about turning 20. i was completely surprised when my mom brought up the double decade anniversary of my birth. that was the last thing i expected her to say! but now that i’m thinking about it, i remember how much i like my birthday. it’s special. for one thing, i love opening pretty birthday cards. and i love getting hugs and cheesecake. and, you have to admit, two decades is a pretty long time. it’s a big event.

you know you’re getting older when your memories come in larger increments. for example, i learned to read fifteen years ago. i wonder how many books i’ve read in fifteen years?

quote of the day: “life is full of obstacle illusions.” – grant frazier