my dad and my brother totally wired my room today. in an effort to lure me from the pink room (a shallow emily-shaped depression was forming in the carpet) and reclaim it for their own, they ran cable and dsl lines through the closet and installed a brand new outlet in my wall! so, i am currently stationed at my desk, in an upright position, no less, and my body is no longer on the way to becoming a dusty relic next door.

i’m thinking about re-arranging the furniture to improve accessibility to the laptop and view of the tv. and you all know how i love to redecorate. unfortunately, this project could be easier organized than implemented. my bed itself is a relic! my dad found it in a barn when he taught math at hoosac school and it’s been passed down to me. it’s brass and iron, which makes it heavy and practically immobile. it very well might take my whole family just to take it apart.

keep your fingers crossed for me as i work out the details of my outward bound trip. filing forms, shipping gear, etc, in time is proving to be a formidable endeavor.

quote of the day: “and if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with” – csny