I had a Babar calendar when I was a kid and now I think Gregorian time is an imperialist mechanism*

In the second week of 2008, I decided I had to have the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Shoes calendar on the wall in my office for the rest of the year.  I had to go to four different Barnes & Nobles to find a copy.  This year I planned ahead.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Shoes and the Fashion Institute of Technology Handbags 2009 Mini Calendars, published by Andrews McMeel, $7.99 each at Barnes and Noble

And even with months to spare, I couldn’t decide between Shoes and FIT’s Handbags for 2009.  So I ordered both.  And therefore, got free shipping out of the deal.  I can hang one up at home.  Another reminder to pay the rent is never a bad thing (unless it comes accompanied by the temptation to purchase shoes or a handbag).

On a slightly different note, next year is gonna be two-thousand-when?  Which rhymes with two-thousand-ten.  Which is the year after next and therefore even more astounding.

*Not really.  But I would love to have another Babar calendar.  I might just be a sentimentalist.