Verde o Blanca, Feliz Navidad

Mom and Dad are at church, my brother is having dinner at his girlfriend’s house, and Maggie and I are at home watching John Goodman discuss Monsters Inc. on Inside the Actor’s Studio and eating frozen pizza in bed. Well, I’m eating the frozen pizza and she is snoring in my face. And the pizza isn’t frozen right now, I put it in the oven for fifteen minutes at 400 degrees, but I’m sure you discerned that. I’m sure you’ve also discerned that, due to 40 degree weather, all the snow melted, and because I am not at my boyfriend’s house, I am on the grumpy end of the Christmas-spirit spectrum.

On the good tidings end, a) I got a Christmas card from the Cass’ today! They sent one of those family photo slides of Brian, Danielle and Larry, all looking festively adorable. b) I also got the self-addressed stamped envelope containing my final Children’s Lit paper, Reading for Healing: September 11th Literature for Children. I got an A! c) Comcast Cable in Ridgefield gets ABC Family now, so I can watch Gilmore Girls reruns every day over break. d) I saw Jess at J.Crew and she complimented my eye make-up. e) Maggie may be snoring, but she is keeping me warm.

It was due to these small gifts that I mustered a merry away message: feliz navidad! To which one of my very favorite non-Christmas celebrators responded:

rachcl85: con suelo ano y felicidad!!!! i wanna wish you a merry christmas, i wanna wish you a a merry christmas, i wanna wish you a merry christmas from the bottom of my heart!

Even without the snow, that inspired me to spin Maybe This Christmas, with special emphasis on ‘Rudolph’ by Jack Johnson.

Quote of the day: “Now’s the time that we need to share, so find yourself, we’re on our way back home, going home” – Supertramp